Launch your first or next profitable online business by selling online courses without wasting your money on paid ads!

Digital Wealth Intensive

Launch your online course and earn money within 2 months using the power of organic marketing…


If you’re still thinking about launching your course and worried about its completion…

You need to understand that…

Launching an online course doesn’t require any time investment, you can sell your course before you even launching it.

But how?

That’s quite simple…

Most people waste a lot of time creating and perfecting an online course, but when it comes to selling…


The new model of online course launching and creating a profitable business online is to first create the demand then launch the course.

Your course is the investment that your customers are going to make to improve their life.

If you don’t know what people really want, then you’re just running after something that’s not possible.

After Investing My Time And Resources

I Finally "Discovered The System" That Will Enable

You To Launch A Profitable Online Course

Even If You Don't Have Any Experience Or A Massive Following Online!

Running an online business without any marketing strategy is like running a marathon without any prior training.

You just need to push your message to the right people and build a following of people as quickly as possible to push your newly launched course to $10k per month consistently.

To make your  $10k dream possible, I have launched my Digital Wealth Investment (DWI) live 1:1 training, where I will personally work with you to build your first online business… I will not leave you until you make more than you invest in the training.

Here’s what makes my Training effective to launch a profitable course:

  • In this training, I will help you to build a targeted following of people as quickly as possible using profile funnels.
  • I will show you my secret content strategy to help you build strong relationships with your new leads.
  • I will give you all the templates and resources to make it copy & paste.
  • I will give you my personal support.
  • You will get access to my private community so that you can get consistent support.


Digital Wealth Intensive

The 2 Months 1:1 Mentorship Program

In this 2 month training, I will not only give you my systems but also help you with the implementation part of it so that you never do it alone. This is my most complete, “what’s working now” course launch and customer acquisition training that GUARANTEES you grow your business every single day by leveraging only the most powerful, up-to-date systems and strategies.

If you don’t get results with this program then I will give you my personal time until you get more profit than you invest on this training.
Digital Wealth Intensive

Digital Wealth Intensive is a live training with support and easy-to-follow, step by step methods that give you a crystal clear, *can’t fail* roadmap for predictably growing and scaling your business with the power of right strategies.

It really comes down to a few simple formulas and frameworks I’ve tweaked, optimized, and tested over and over again until they proved to be profitable & replaceable for the newest person
Most of the experts who’s courses and coaching programs you’ve bought are selling you information that works for THEM. And what works for them (when they already have thousands of followers, a large email list and credibility in the space) WILL NOT work for you. That’s why I am here to provide you the solution.
I am going to give you my personal support and accountability so that you’ll never feel alone in your online entrepreneurship journey.

Here's How It All Breaks Down:

MONTH #1: The Preparation

Here’s what we’ll cover in the first month:

  • Week 1: The Success Blueprint – to get most of out of your online business
  • Week 2: The Foundations – to build a sustainable business online
  • Week 3: The Growth Stage – to generate more revenue online
  • Week 4: The Gameplan – to create systems for wealth acquisition

(Value: $800)

MONTH #2: The Implementation

Here’s what we’ll cover in the second month:

  • Week 1: Course Creation – create your perfect course outline for building your empire
  • Week 2: Perfecting Your System – to create your online money attraction system
  • Week 3: The Perfect Week – launch your webinar and sell your course before it’s even created
  • Week 4: Automation – create your automated systems to attract customers on demand

(Value: $2400)

Here is what you're going to get when you invest in the training...

Total Value:


When I decided to launch my 1:1 personal training program, I wanted to make it as accessible as possible.

And that’s why you can get access to the entire 2 months of coaching sessions to build your online course for just one payment of $1200 only.

Now yours

For $1200 Only


Work With Me Personally for 60 days, risk free!

Get my personal 1:1 training & support, implement the systems, join the community & test-run every aspect of the system. If you feel like this isn’t the absolute BEST system to help you launch your first profitable online course, I’ll send you all your money back and I will help you until you make more than you invested on my training.

That’s right. I am confident on my training that I am giving you such a crazy money back guarantee, even I am giving you my time and resources to jump start your online business. Just email me with your receipt with the title “Refund Me” and I’ll give you back your money.


I am Servaich mangi!

Take the first step to The Growth Of Your First or Next Online business...

The world of online businesses needs a way to grow exponentially and I am here with a purpose to make your online course touch new heights.

frequently asked questions

Your Fellow Course Creators Ask Before They Join The Coaching...

A: Yes, you can launch your profitable online course without any previous experiences, credibility and any certification.

A: NO! You don’t need to have any idea. If you have any course idea then it will also help you out in the coaching.

In the coaching, we will together identify your passion and create a course around what you love so that you can enjoy the process.

A: Yes. You will get all the resources forever!

A: If you want to make serious progress and start building an online course, I suggest you to set aside about 30-60 minutes everyday.

I’ll do a 90 minutes Coaching session for a single day in a week. After that training session, I will give you tasks to finish in the entire week.

So, during the 2 months time period, we’ll meet for eight coaching sessions of 90 minutes.

A: Feel free to contact us at any time with technical support and other questions.

You will get my personal 1:1 support and accountability. You will also get my private group to get support from us at every stage of your journey.

Are your READY?


Remember, you’re protected by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.

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