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One of the major mistakes done by most online stores on Instagram is posting without a purpose.

Here’s the harsh truth…

Just posting random pictures of your products on your Instagram profile will never grow your business.

The amount of content that your ideal customers consume on Instagram is growing rapidly.

How can you compete for the attention? Or even get a single sale?

Instagram is one of the best platforms for online stores!

Then, why a few of the stores can successfully get sales from Instagram? 

And why most businesses struggle?

The reason behind getting a few sales on Instagram is not the number of your followers… 

Even the brands with large followings struggle to sell their stuff on Instagram…

After researching and spending a lot of my time on Instagram, I have understood the ins and outs of getting sales.

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You Will Never Get Sales If:

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Do you what makes some businesses survive in tough times?

It’s not because they have a huge cash put aside for uncertain events…

It is because that they have built a Social Media Following and an Email list to fall upon in tough times.

So, how can you build a following that will support you in tough times?

The answer is simple…

You need to create content which relates with, engages and connects your audience with your brand.

But creating content isn’t easy, you can either leverage your time or hire assistants to level up content marketing on Instagram.

You just need a better strategy to put content that sales!




Attract new followers

A solid content strategy will help you attract right people to your profile and convert them into followers. Your content determine whether someone follows your Instagram account or not!

Nurture existing followers

If you really want to grow your business in the long-term then you need to build relationship with your followers. And there is no better way to nurture the relationship than using content.

Build brand trust

It is a truth that we buy from those brands that we believe in most. To generate consistent sales on your store you need to build trust with your content.

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365 days content calendar

Have You Ever Felt Confused About “What To Post Tomorrow”?

Isn’t it really difficult to come up with content ideas each and every day for an entire year?

I have got you covered!

You’re not alone nearly every business struggles with content creation on daily basis.

What if you got a calendar to get your content creation organize?

When you invest in the E-commerce Instagram Content Strategy Blueprint, you are going to get access to my Content Calendar (365 Days of content ideas planned for you).

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High-Converting captions

Do You Know The Money Is In Your Instagram Post’s Captions?

If your captions don’t nurture your audience and are not optimized with right call to actions (CTAs) then you’re just losing a lot of attention of your target prospects.

There is a formula to create captions which attract new followers, increase post engagement, nurture your current followers, and get sales. If you don’t know that formula then you’re just missing a big opportunity.

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Value-Based content guide

Do you know why people don’t follow your brand on Instagram?

It might be the reason that your content is not valuable to them. So, in order to create posts which are informational, inspirational and helpful to your audience you need the “Value-based Content Guide”.

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Content strategy blueprint

This Content Strategy Blueprint (i.e. guide) is your go-to resource for content creation on Instagram.

You will find each and every component you need to create content for Instagram in a simple to use guide with all the resources that you will ever need.

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