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Want Me To Help You Build Or Scale Your Online Business Using The One Course Two Key Results Formula?

Book A Short Strategy Call To Find The Quickest Way To Growth For Your Business And Select 1 Of 3 Pathways For Implementation

Option # 1: The Course Launch Intensive Program - 3 Months

What if I help you launch and monetize your online course?

And get you to earn money before it’s even created?

Whether you’re an existing entrepreneurs or just starting out…

This Mentorship program is a great path for you to build a solid income stream online!

Most service-based entrepreneurs, freelancers and agency owners are struggling to get positive cashflow in their business.

It’s not because their service or their pricing is not good.

But the exact reason is that they are still running after prospects…

What if you could replace your cold outreach with a system that will help you scale your business without involving your presence?

It’s possible to create profit if you just include the DIY component in your business for those clients who want to implement your strategies by themselves.

What’s the benefit?

It will help you remove yourself from all the outreach and unqualified prospects and give you only people who are serious about working with you on your DFY offers!

Here’s what you’ll get in the CGI Mentorship Program:

  • 1:1 Mentorship for 3 Months
  • Accountability and Support
  • Tools and Templates
  • A Proven Framework to Launch Your First Online Course

And much more…

Option # 2: The One Course Two Key Results Formula - Implementation Program

The One Course Two Key Results is our systematic business structure that will help you finally create the business of your dream while enjoying the freedom and the passive cashflow.

It’s the ultimate key to living the life that you were dreaming before you created your online business…

If you’re afraid to leave your business for a month then you have built it on shaky foundations!

Your business should give you the lifestyle that you desire while impacting the world by changing lives of your clients.

The time of running for prospects and pitching them cold is over!

Yes, people are too smart to ever respond to cold pitches…

It’s time to shift your business model into something that is more like a lead attractor.

What do you need to build that business?

You need nothing except a funnel to get customers at profit while converting them to your clients and giving the rest of customers your Online Course to never let them get out of your business without getting value.

This simple shift in your business model can cause a change which will attract freedom and profit in your business!

We work with clients in a 3-phase process that takes about 4 months to implement and see results (while building the “One Course Two Key Results” Funnel we’ll also give you instant R.O.I too): 


Option # 3: The One Course Two Key Results Formula - Done For You Funnel